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What comes first to your mind when you think of your childhood? Your PT shoes, that cake of maggi in your Tiffin box, getting to bat first….. so then, when you think of your college life what do you think will strike you first? That first day nervous breakdown for a self intro, those funky shoes, proxy for attendance and of course the industrial visit. Industrial visit is one of the most important parts of a student life where wrinkles on cheeks out of happiness and joy appear along with the wrinkles on forehead out of wisdom and knowledge. Zuu zuu holidays offers visit to the most renowned industries where students get inculcated by subject matter experts who are best in industry. While zuu zuu holidays brings to the students, the knowledge from experts, there are no limits to the amount of fun that they would cherish. No matter how many days ever pass, zuu zuu makes sure that those days of stolen smiles and the tears of joy linger in your heart as memories wrapped with bounds of happiness forever. Beyond the industrial knowledge and trip enthusiasm zuu zuu’s foremost concern is about the safety of students, where all the horizons of a safe and secure trip are analyzed and taken care of ensuring the best quality of services.

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